2Mindfulness is a state of awareness that involves having an experience and noticing it at the same time, without trying to change or evaluate it. It is a way of paying attention to what is happening in the present moment of your inner world (thoughts, mental images, sensations in the body, impulses and emotions) from a perspective of welcome and wonder. Mindfulness involves turning one’s attention inward to notice, from a curious and nonjudgmental point of view, the flow of one’s internal experience. It offers us a compassionate way to be with ourselves, which allows us to transform the way we view and relate to ourselves and the world. So often our view of what’s happening is distorted by bias, habits, fears and desires–there’s a lot of noise! The act of being mindful turns down the volume, thus helping us see through these distortions. We gain a fuller awareness and clearer insight into what actually is. elementsBy observing your habitual responses without directly engaging them, we are be able to access unconscious material and allow new experiences to emerge.

Through mindfulness and compassion, it is possible to uncover the ways in which we automatically react, think and feel. These automatic reactions were adaptive once, but now may be holding you back. We will explore, discover and begin to see things in anew, so you can respond to your life in fresh ways.